It seemed like a really great idea at the time.  I hold firm, still, that it is. Here’s how it happened:

Mallory: Hey babe, I think we should buy an airstream. I want to travel all over and have adventures. Maybe we could even live in it!
Zach: Sure, okay.
Mallory: Really?! Awesome. We could buy an old junky one and completely renovate it.
Zach: Sounds fun, let’s do it.

[Approximately 9 minutes later]

Mallory: Did you see the link I emailed you? I found an airstream! It’s only three hours away and it’s super cheap!
Zach: Haha, yeah. We’ll see.
Mallory: I emailed him. He said we could come get it Monday!
Zach: Oh. What?
Mallory: YAY!

So, in record time, I found us a truck to rent, Zach found us a storage unit, and we met ourselves the sweetest little grandpa salesman in San Angelo. It was freezing (literally) outside, the weather was dismal with spitting mist and rain, and we were off to pick up a 26 foot, 1963 Airstream. Did I mention we had to pack our 9 week old puppy because he (Harold) can’t be left at home alone for more than 3 hours at a time? Adventure!

Let me praise my husband a bit for a second. He is an extremely logical and methodical man. He takes as much time as he needs (I would argue sometimes more!) to make decisions and then plans out exactly the steps in which things will happen. I, clearly, do not make decisions that way.  I am more of a “dive-head-first and figure it out later because life is an adventure!” kind of gal. Anyway, he totally went with me this whole process and learned to tow a trailer on the spot.  He is a champ.

Upon arriving in San Angelo we had already stopped a couple of times along the side of the highway to let the pup walk around and stretch his legs.  We also stopped in a random town that was about an hour outside of Austin to reserve a storage spot for when we returned with our new toy. It took us several more hours than I had originally planned, but we finally made it there.

Zach was pretty confident that I was already married to the idea of this airstream, but we did come up with a “safety word” in the case that he (or I) was absolutely opposed to bringing the trailer home.  Upon arrival we met the seller and took several good looks at the trailer. It is old and in some serious need of love, but we decided we would do it.  I have never quite seen such a look of terror in Zach’s eyes before. (I kid, he really was a trooper and is super pumped about the whole thing.)

We eventually get the trailer hooked up to the truck and head back home.  Somewhere in a small town named Brady we realized that we had a flat tire. Adventure!  We got to enjoy sitting in an O’Reilys parking lot while eating Sonic Toasters and waiting for AAA to rescue us. It was a dream.

Did I mention that our storage unit fell through? Oh yeah.

We finally make it to Austin about 3 hours later than we had originally planned. We drop the truck and trailer off in front of a friend’s house and Uber our way home.

Needless to say, the airstream has already made it’s way into our hearts and we are pretty pumped about the renovation process.  I have also named her Sally.  Stay tuned for more updates as I chronicle them here. Also, my husband is the best because he totally tolerates my crazy.


here we are with Sally!

                                                                         Here we are with Sally!


3 responses to “SO WE BOUGHT AN AIRSTREAM.

  1. You should check out Sweet Thyme Design on instagram. She recently redid a fifth wheel with her boyfriend and it is amazing! She is based out of Austin as well!

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