oh, hello.

It recently occurred to me that, perhaps, I should introduce myself a bit. It only seems fair being as which I’m asking you to take time out of your day and away from work (presumably) to read my musings on the world.

So let’s begin.

My name is Mallory.  I am a Texan in the sense that I live in Austin and I have an appreciation (read: near obsession) with Friday Night Lights. I own a small business here in this big little city.  I’m a wife to a pretty handsome guy and I have a grandpa dog who consistently amazes both myself and all of the veterinary science field with his seemingly infinite lifespan.

zach and magoo.

[Magoo and Husband]

Now that I have officially introduced you to them, I suppose I should get on with a little more detail about myself and what brought me here.

Several years ago, at the wise age of 15, I started blogging. Way back then they were referred to as Xangas. Xangas were great. They served all sorts of purposes.  Mostly though, I found they were an excellent tool for starting fights and hyper-spiritualizing your life experiences.  I eventually moved onto Blogger, as all mature adults do.  After documenting the loss of both parents on two separate occasions, moving across the country and back, and beginning the chronicles of Vintage Heart something happened. I had a customer approach me and tell me that he loved my blog.  He, in fact, read all 37 pages of it.

Then he asked me out.

Despite the startling intensity of the time committed to reading my entire history prior to actually meeting me, I said yes. (Let it be known I was highly sleep deprived and, apparently, all rational judgement had long been lost.) We are great friends now and all worked out in the end, but the event certainly left me wondering what exactly I should be putting out into the world.  The only rational response at that point was, obviously, to delete everything.

Fast forward a few years and here we are.  I am happily married to a man I met when when were just kids, my ancient dog is still alive, and I have a thriving business. For those concerned, the guy who asked me out after reading my blogs is also married and fairly well adjusted so it seems the universe is a just place after all.

I am going to spend quite a bit of time on this blog talking about a variety of topics, most of which will fall into the following categories:

– small business development and ownership
– music obsessions
– magoo/husband/general ramblings/lots of pugs

I fancy myself a task master with a flair for the creative. I believe the world functions best on coffee and snark.  I think rainy days are to die for and there’s no such thing as too much nail polish. I love the color gray and I will fight anyone who feels differently. I think the internet is a beautiful place if for no other reason than I can, at any moment, google “#pug” and hundreds of thousands of smooshy faces appear instantly. I am an entrepreneur who feels very out of place in that world and, quite frankly, sucks at self-promotion. I believe in brunch, evening walks, and am almost always game for day drinking.  I have also recently found a gray hair for which the verdict on my emotions is still out.

So there’s all that. Should you choose to continue reading this humble little blog I certainly hope you find it enjoyable. I look forward to this new chapter on a new platform.  Welcome.

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