Slightly Less Contrived.

I am a fan of the candid moments. The conversations full of words that contain no more than two or three syllables. The moments that flow and move organically.

I have found that these moments have become fewer and farther between.

I find myself in conversations with words used strictly to persuade and inform. Conversations with purpose that is greater than just the small group that is having it. Conversations meant to create change and induce movement.

Let’s just sit, for once.

Let’s stop using our pristine vocabulary and impeccably selected words. Let’s stop trying to win our case or sell our point. Let’s stop moving beyond ourselves. Just for one moment.

Let’s begin talking. Talking to each other, not at each other. Let’s allow the language we use to create a bridge of understanding as opposed to a barrier put up to keep distance.

If we don’t begin paying attention to these smaller, more mundane details, we will have no basis from which to dive deeper. To plunge into and unfold matters of philosophy, religion, race.

We need to relearn to stop and listen. To be present in each moment. To remember the small words and conversations that got us  to where we are today.

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